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Jinja, Uganda: Our Own Home

DREAM GOAL: $60,000
We are excited to be building the Dream of a Better World Academy in the next two years and need a Matching Donor willing to give $60,000)

Protein & Healthy Nutritious Farm-to-Table Produce

Please help some of the
sweetest kids we have EVER met!!
It’s a surprise!
Additional farm animals for Christmas!

For our project in Africa we are excited to continue our work with Our Own Home, an HIV/AIDS orphanage in Jinja, Uganda. We are all very passionate about this organization, and have been supporting it for years now. Our Own Home is becoming very self-sufficient, and we want to help them continue on this path.

Nutrition is such an important part of helping these kids heal and grow and live healthy lives. Earlier this year, we purchased four additional acres of rich, fertile farmland where they are NOW growing their produce. They grow beans, potatoes, and maize. But, because of the expense, protein is limited, so the children only get meat once a week.

We are encouraging the farm-to-table system for this organization by helping them to build a chicken farm so that they can have fresh eggs that will provide more nourishing proteins for all the children there. We are also buying them new milking cows to help provide the kids with even more protein to help them grow into the strongest and healthiest kids they can be.

We are excited and eager to continue our relationship with these kids in Uganda, who have been tons of fun to get to know over the years. Please help us reach our goal of $6000.00 for Our Own Home this Christmas! Anything extra will go towards Christmas gifts for all the kids! Thank you for your on-going support! We look forward to meeting the goal we have set with your help, one chicken at a time! 

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